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Friends of Hanover Crew ROWATHON!


Hanover High School Crew started the summer of 1997 as a club sport. In the spring of 2000, the team had its first successful season as a varsity sport at the high school. Last year over 130 students participated in the program! We are expecting the same number to participate in our 21st  varsity season this spring 2024.


Since 1997, our parents and athletes have raised funds to support the program. For two years, they raised money for coaches’ salaries, the purchase of shells, a trailer to transport the boats, motors and launches for the coaches, transportation to races, oars, and anything else the group needed. Now the team has achieved varsity status, the school has agreed to pick up the basic operating costs of the team. Therefore, the school pays for coaches’ salaries, uniforms, transportation to and from events, officials, facility costs, safety equipment, and reconditioning of equipment. However, the school does not cover the cost of major equipment. 


The parents and athletes agreed, when the sport achieved varsity status, to raise money to cover these costs each year. Some of these costs include boats, trailers, launches, cox boxes, and the necessary number of oars. The Rowathon is necessary for the survival and success of our program.


The Rowathon is planned for Saturday, March 30, 2024. All the rowers, girls and boys will row in shifts from 9am to 3pm on Saturday. We will have eight ergs going at all times! Each rower will have a 2 hour shift with their team. There will also be a silent auction taking place at that time. The location is the Blair Brooks Boathouse and Barn. 


Each rower solicits sponsors who are asked to pledge money on the total distance rowed by their team. (It’s estimated that one kilometer can be rowed in five minutes, therefore 288 kilometers can be rowed in 24 hours.) Alternately, a sponsor may wish to pledge a set amount which is not based on mileage rowed. This is easier. We welcome any support you can give. We have asked all rowers to attempt to raise at least $275 in pledges. In the past, some have raised much more and some less, but $275 a piece is their target!


All rowers are welcome to participate in our program and the Rowathon no matter whatthey raise. However, the more we raise as a team, the more we can do for them during the season.



Please consider a pledge. Here is a list of the things we “need”;

• One new boat $35,000-$40,000. We have committed to replacing two of our fifteen boats every three years in order to cycle out some of our lower boats that are in poor condition.

• Or one used boat $20,000. 

• Replacement Motor ($3500)

• Reconditioning of boats ($3000)

• Set of oars to cycle out oars which need to retire ($4000)

• 2 Cox boxes to cycle out those which are about to break down. ($1400)

• There are many other small items that come up during the season. This is bound to

happen with over 100 rowers. All the money will go to improve the rowers' experience!


Please make checks out to: Friends of Hanover Crew. Thank you for your support!

Thank you letter for rowers to give to any donors!

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You can also donate directly to us through paypal!  Thanks so much!

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